All facials are customized to your individual needs and goals using therapeutics advanced skin care technology. Monthly treatments are recommended for consistently healthy a glowing skin
All facials are between $100-$120
and options include using 3-4 technologies.
Please allow 90 minutes for treatments which include customized peel and mask on face, neck, déclloté and arms.
Micro-current: Age management tightens facial muscles and stimulating cellular activity
Microdermabrasion Hydra-facial: Removes dead skin cells, stimulates cells, auctions pores
Red, blue, or orange light therapy: Stimulates cells, addresses hyperpigmentation, kills bacteria found deeper in pores, heals the skin
*oxygen therapy. Hydrates deeper levels, decongests, and brightens
***Extractions are included if necessary
$100 Alternative non invasive micro- needling
Effective for advanced skin smoothing, reduction of fine lines and large pores, and addresses hyperpigmentation. This treatment does not invade the live layer of skin penetrating at 1.5 level with minimal redness. 60 minutes
Add on alternative micro-needling to facial for additional $50
Brow lamination (1 hour)  - $90
Lash lift & tint (1 hour) - $90 

Hello, I'm Dawndi!

I've specialized in the skin and beauty industry for over 15 years. I have a passion for helping people feel and look their best, because confidence truly starts from within all the way to the skin. If I've been serving the Tacoma community since 2008. If I'm not helping people achieve beautiful glowing skin, I'm playing with my standard poodle, Buddy!